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Manage test banks and create tests with SmartTest

Manage question banks

Simple to use

Manage question matrix questions

Import questions from word for easy editing

Supports essay and multiple choice questions, word filling, true and false...

Test structure

Flexible test structure

Allow multiple part in one test

Allows to combine exam questions according to the topic matrix

Allows creating test scores for each section

Test generator and mixer

Create tests at high speed

Beautifull output, not broken

Allows setting and adjusting line spacing of questions and answers

Allows creating multiple original and permutation topics at the same time

Allows splitting and merging tests when exporting


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Frequently asked questions

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Zalo: SmartTest Support Team

What is SmartTest?
SmartTest is software for managing multiple choice test question banks, essays, managing test structure and mixing test questions...
How to enter questions into SmartTest?
SmartTest allows users to draft questions on Word according to a simple structure and then import them into the software.
What types of questions does SmartTest support?
SmartTest supports a variety of question types such as essay, single-choice multiple choice, true-false multiple choice, word-filling multiple choice or answer key.
Does SmartTest support new samples according to the 2018 education innovation program of the Ministry of Education and Training?
SmartTest has been upgraded to create exam questions with a new structure according to the 2018 education innovation program of the Ministry of Education and Training. Support creating exam questions with single-choice, true-false, short answer question types.
How fast is SmartTest processing?
SmartTest runs at high speed allowing multiple test questions to be created at the same time. With 24 exam questions, the test creation speed has been proven to take no more than 15 seconds
How is the format of the test created from SmartTest presented? Is it distorted?
Tests created from SmartTest are beautifully presented, save paper, can be actively aligned, and are not misaligned.
Does SmartTest allow online testing?
Yes, SmartTest has an online version for schools and teachers who want students to take online tests.